Kairo Courts is a costume designer known for her eclectic yet down-to-earth approach to costume design that brings authenticity and depth to her designs, captivating viewers and immersing them in the world of the characters she brings to life. Kairo’s costumes not only narrate stories, but also evoke emotions through colors, silhouettes, and fabric movement, showcasing her belief in clothing as a means of self-expression and storytelling.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, from St. John’s University, Kairo’s route into costume design is unconventional. She began her career in the marketing department of a lifestyle magazine and transitioned to costume design after discovering her passion on a movie set. Kairo’s diverse career journey, from advancing through the ranks of the costume department to exploring bodybuilding, law enforcement, and visual merchandising has profoundly influenced her unique storytelling perspective.

Infusing her designs with a richness derived from her colorful career trajectories, research, and boundless creativity, Kairo approaches costume design from multiple viewpoints, creating characters that resonate with realism, depth, and artistry.

Throughout her career, Kairo has worked in Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, and several U.S. cities. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she now leads a bi-coastal lifestyle, splitting her time between the vibrant locales of Costa Rica, LA, and Atlanta.